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Golden Girls
Nun Episode

"I really think my mother would like me to stay for the interview."
"Think again pussycat."
"I would go outside but there don't seem to be any Shady Pines to sit under."
"Pillow pussycat?"

Mystery Hotel Episode

"My, my sir I do believe your sweet words could charm the morning dew off the honey suckle."
"Blanche not now!"
"If not now when?"

The Rainy Day Episode

"How much for the nectarine?"
"That will be $0.45."
"$0.45? What's inside a pit or a pearl? This is a twenty five cent nectarine."
"Fine sold."
"Don't just stand there like a bump on a pickle give the man a quarter!"

Baby Episode

"Blanche why can't you just accept the fact that you need glasses?"
"My mother didn't need glasses till the day she died by then it seemed stupid."
"Oh my god, it's 103.2"
"Yes, I see it now."

Accident Episode

"My heart is still racing. I was just in an accident."
"Oh my god, are you all right?"
"Yes, I'm fine."
"Your car must be pretty banged up."
"See that's the one bright spot I had borrowed yours."
"Blanche, you never asked me if you could borrow my car."
"I guess we both learned a little lesson about leaving keys on the table."
"What happened?"
"Well you know how I like to meet rich men by bumping expensive cars?"
"You say it like it's a bad thing. Rose it's the perfect plan you get too meet rich men, exchange addresses and then when they ask you who does good body work you give them your phone number."
"Blanche I can't believe you first you use my property with out permission and show total disregard for it while you have it."
"Rose have a little compassion I was just in an accident."
"What do you want me to do carry you to your room?"

A Little Scandinavian Treat Episode

" My cream puffs are almost done".
" Oh Rose, honey I think you burned them, they smell awful".
" No see there is a special way to eat them. You hold your fingers over you nose, like this and then pop it in your mouth".
" Honey, you look odd".
" Yum. This is wonderful".
" Okay I will try it. Yum this is the best thing I have ever tasted. Dorothy you have got to try it".
" You know you are right these are wonderful, where's ma?"
" Right here, oh don't tell me you smelled that all the way from the hall. Y- you couldn't have".

Kmart Episode

"Dorothy do you have a cough drop?"
"No, ma."
"A mint?"
"No, ma."
"A hard candy?"
"Ma, what does it say Kmart across the back of my night gown?"
"Yeah, actually it does you cheapskate."

Nectarine Episode

"Ma where are you going?"
"I'm going to the same place I go everyday. A round trip on the number six bus to buy a nectarine."
"That's sad."
"That's not sad that's life. Sad is when you have to mash the nectarine with a fork."

Nectarine Episode 2

"He had this big, long, floppy ears like a Bashadhoud. Any ways when I saw him I just kinda half muttered a how do you do? And he said excuse me but I didn't hear you. I don't know what came over me but I just blurted out. Didn't hear me? You could get radio free Europe with those ears. And you know what he did? He laughed."

Sorority Episode

"Good morning my sweet child."
"Ma why are you dressed like someone who just escaped from it's a small world?
"Sit down pussycat I have prepared you a wonderful breakfast."
"Lasagna in meat sauce?"
"Yeah, and just think for $5.95 this recipe could be yours."

Job Hunt Episode

" You started shaving when you were 11? That seems young"
" Yes, I did it on a dare, all the way from your ankle to your thigh".
" You shave above the knee?"
" Yes".
"Get out of here".
" I do, what is so weird about that?".
" Get out of here".
' I do".
" Get out of here".
" Rose, you say that one more time and we will!".

Dessert Episode
"Who made dessert?"
" I did."
" Dang!"
" What did you say Blanche?"
"Yum, I said yum."
"Oh good. You girls will love it."

Nun Episode
" Ma can I come in?"
" Sure".
" Where are Rose and Blanche?"
" Donwstairs in the gift shop. They are having a sale on John the baptist place mats".
"Oh, ma we have something to talk about. Do you remember when I was little and you told me that I could be a girl scout but never made it-"
" They want me out?"
" Yesterday".

Dirty Dancing Episode
"Dorothy have you ever heard of dirty dancing?"
"Yeah, they did it in that movie. Why?"
"What movie?"
"A gospel film Rose."
"I just got a flyer in the mail. They are starting a dirty dancing class at Lar's dance studio. So Dorothy how about it?"
"I don't think so. I cant see myself swinging my hips while widly jivating my pelvis. No thanks."
"And the world relases a collective sigh of relief."

Pills Episode
"Will you girls help me?"
"Of course."
"This is what friendships all about. Banding together when the going gets tough. Let me know how it turns out in the morning."

Sexual Harrasment Episode
"I'm devestated just devestaded."
"Honey, what's wrong?"
"I asked my teacher for help like you girls asked me to. And he said that the only way I could get an A in the class was if I slept with him. I just don't know what I am going to do?"
"Get it in writing."
"Well honey what did you do?"
"I marched rigfht up to his desk and looked him in the eye. I said 'I'll think about it.'"
"Honey he can't do that. That is sexual harrasment."
"You know a boy in St. Olaf attempted to sexualy harrasme many times."
"Yeah. He worked at Lar's ice cream parlor and tackle shop. Every Sunday I would go there to have a sundae. Well he would arrange the ice cream scoops in inapropriate ways. To this day everytime I go to by a ice cream parlor or a tackle shop I blush."