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Stan met Dorothy in high school. They barely knew each other when they became parents. They married but were never really happy. They divorced and Dorothy moved in with the girls. Stan kept showing up and calling her. He either wanted a favor and wanted them to get back together. Finally they got some therapy together. Stan transferred his love for Dorothy to a monkey puppet. The therapist suggested that maybe Stan fell for Dorothy because he was able to spend time with Ma. Since he never really did have a mother figure he thought of Sophia as his mother. Eventually with counseling he is able to live 2 years without any contact from Dorothy it is just beautiful. Dorothy is beyond happy and Ma is glad her husband got rid of the Yutz.


Rose was head over heel for Charlie. They meet young and fell in love. Charlie's parents didn't particularly care for her but they married anyway. They lived in a comfy house in Minnesota. They had three girls and lived happy. Charlie was a traveling salesman and provided for the family. Rose was a sweet house wife who took very good care of her kids. After Charlie died Rose was a little lost. After all 35 years of being a housewife isn't exactly good training for the rest of the world. But Rose eventually found Miami and a new life. While Rose has never gotten over Charlie she has moved on to the point where she can date. She dates Miles for a while.


Sophia was the most beautiful girl in Sicily. Until Muffy came along. The men who fought over her foot prints in the mud were suddenly more interested in Muffy. Sophia finally told Muffy how she felt. It turned out she was a very kind lady who moved to the neighboring town. All the good looking men moved with her. Sophia meet Sal and together they sailed for New York. They found an apartment in Brooklyn and started a new life. Sal was the main provider for the family. Sophia was an amazing cook and a happy house wife. They had 3 kids. Dorothy, Phil and Gloria. Once they got old enough the kids parted ways all moving in different directions. Gloria married rich and left. Phil married happily and left. Dorothy stayed in Brooklyn and visited often. After Pa died they moved in together. By that time Stan was out of her life.  


Blanche was never one to settle down but she did for George. They were a very happy couple. George brought home the big bucks and Blanche spent them. They had kids and a nanny. Blanche had expensive vacations and everything she needed. But when George died she was heartbroken. She was able to date after but she still holds a very special place for him in her heart.