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Rose Nylund
This naive, kind hearted lady has had to deal with a lot. Her mother died during birth and she was left on a doorstep. She was found and adopted. She grew up on a farm in St. Olaf, Minnesota. That is probably the most naive city in the country. They have a certain way of doing things which more likely than not would seem odd to someone with even the least bit of common sense.

She grew up being very responsible and honest. Her husband Charlie died from a heart attack one night and Rose has never fully gotten over him. She couldn't live in her house any longer because there were too many memories inside of the house. So she moved from hard winters to summer year round when she moved to Miami. She was in a grocery store one day when she saw an ad for a roommate. She meet Blanche and the two clicked. She eventually moved in to Blanches house along with 2 other roommates.

 She found work at a crisis center but the center closed due to low budgets. She was so upset and she couldn't find any more work because she was so old. She went to visit a lawyer Enrique Moss to report an age discrimination charge. When she heard about a job opening. Enrique said she was too old but eventually gave her a chance and she got the job.

 She loves puppies, and St. Olaf cooking. She always has a St. Olaf story on hand which drives the girls nuts. But she is so kind that no one could ever dislike her. There was once a time when this man did not like her. She was extra kind to him for weeks but he still didn't like her. Finally he agreed to be her friend if she would leave him alone. Rose agreed and hasn't had any trouble from him since.

Rose is the kind of person you have to like. There is no one else like her. She remains a kid at heart no matter her age. With a big heart and optimistic attitude she inspires women everywhere to be yourself and reach out to those in need.