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Dorothy Zbornack
Dorothy was born and raised in Brooklyn. Her mother Sophia and father Salvatore were good parents. They had just enough love and discipline in there family. Dorothy's brother Phil was a cross dresser. Her sister Gloria was filthy rich but in the end became bankrupt. Her brother Phil died from a heart attack in his early thirties. He was buried in a teddy. Her father, Pa died from something still unknown.

Her sister Gloria always tried to make Dorothy feel worthless but when she became bankrupt Dorothy got revenge.  Dorothy is a substitute teacher. She got pregnant in high school and married a novelty salesman. She divorced once her kids got old enough and she had to go to marriage counseling with him (Stan) to get him Stan to leave her alone.

She is a very strong willed and outspoken lady. She is not willing to be vulnerable and loves being in control. She has a very rational way of thinking and finds threats useful with her senior citizen mother Sophia whom moves in with her after her senior citizen home is burnt down. She regrets wasting her life with Stan and tries to make keep her kids on the right track. She doesn't date much and doesn't fall in love easy but is happy.

She was once engaged for the second time to Stan. She thought he had changed. But in the end when he asked for a pre-nup she ended it. She gets married on the last episode and that's how it ends. She marries Blanche's uncle and they move off the Paris. While it is very unlike Dorothy's character it is beautiful.

Dorothy is a very strong woman. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. And when she doesn't the girls are there for her. She inspires women everywhere to make the most of what you have.