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Sophia Petrillo
This outgoing, outspoken, wise Sicilian is always on top of things. She takes care of herself and can be very stubborn at times. She grew up in Sicily but moved to the Us. She meet Salvatore and fell in love. They had Dorothy, Phil and Gloria.

 Sophia or Ma ends up living with the girls after her home (Shady Pines) burns down. After her husband Sal dies she has a stroke and that is why she is put in the home. She holds a grudge to her daughter for taking her there.

She always gives advice and has a Sicily story on hand for most days. She does charity work and volunteer work. She is very strong willed and holds a grudge easily. She is like a mother to all the girls and even after she gets married she lives in the house with the girls.

 At one point she decided to join a convent. She didn't last more than 8 days before she was asked to leave. She loves cooking old Italian recipes and takes great pride in being a Sicilian. She loves younger men and thinks of herself as still quite a hot ticket. She is often forgetful but for what it's worth she takes medication for it. She is so feisty that it can sometimes cause trouble but she has never been in a mess she couldn't get out of. At 84 she is so full of life and energy that it's unimaginable!

This old, wise, and sometimes stubborn Sicilian inspires women everywhere to look out for yourself and not depend on anyone else. She also insipers women to not eat Rose's dinner or dessert!